Concrete Floorings

Two decades of experience constructing concrete floors to the highest specifications & tolerance.

Internal Concrete Floorings

Concrete floor slab with Monolithically bound Dry Shake topping will last for years

Floor Coating Service

specialists in fluid applied, seamless, resinous flooring and speciality coatings.

Charan Techno Chem

Charan Technochem, a leading micro enterprise in the field of specialized post construction activities, was established in the year 2017 under Mrs. G Priya, and Mr. U Ganesh Iyer as a Technical consultant, with a sole purpose of being able to meet the rising challenges in the Industrial Application of Polyurethane and Epoxy Flooring and Wall Coatings, especially in Hygiene Flooring Systems in the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries. Our technical consultant Mr. U Ganesh Iyer has more than two decades of experience on working directly in the application of various specialized post-construction activities under numerous application specific companies. His experience brings a lot of strength especially in the proper understanding of the client’s requirements. This enables us to meet the client’s needs and deliver the work accordingly with best possible results.

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Our Wide Range of Service in Floor and Wall Coatings !.

Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane coating has excellent abrasion resistance and anti chalking property. It provides a high resistant coating to spillage or splash of various chemicals. It is one of the best topcoat for cementitious surfaces, metal surfaces, wooden surfaces etc.

PU Self Leveling Flooring

Self-leveling coating is basically a floor where it forms a completely smooth and level surface on the top. This floor coating is heavy duty and chemical resistant. It has excellent thermal and shock resistance and hence can be applied on those areas where heating and cooling occur intermittently.

Water Proofing Terraces

Charan Techno Chem offer waterproofing solutions for terraces, balconies and both flat and sloping roofs, to keep your factory / house safe from leaks during monsoons & also indirectly protect the reinforcement in the RCC slab from corrosion due to moisture.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy is safe for a variety of industries. This floor coating is stain-resistant, chemical-resistant, durable and provides luster and even beauty to many industrial settings.

Car Deck Flooring

It is a four coat Polyurethane system which provide a world class parking deck system with excellent abrasion resistance, noise reduction, antiskid, elastomeric concrete protection. It enhances the appearance and function ability of the parking deck area.

Metallic Epoxy

3D Metallic epoxy is a special multi-layered epoxy floor coating system that uses metallic additives coating. Polyurethane based polymer adduct of gloss and adhesion improver are suitable for 3D floorings can apply on concrete, Stone, wood and ceramics and laminated sheets.


Charan Techno Chem assures the best quality which includes,


Design options are virtually unlimited. Choose from a fully customizable, unlimited color spectrum. Design can incorporate metallics, color schemes, high gloss shine, brand logo and more to achieve an impressively gorgeous floor.


Slip-resistant additives and coatings limit hazards and reduce slipping, collisions and falls in areas with high exposure to liquids, spills, and fluids on the flooring.


The seamless surface of epoxy / polyurethene flooring is exceptionally easy to clean. It repels oil, grease, and water. It’s non-porous, seamless surface means that dust, dirt and grime are easy to wipe away daily.


Epoxy / polyurethene flooring supports heavy weight loads. It withstands use from stationary or mobile machinery, humans, and vehicles without chipping, cracking or damage. It is also impact, heat, fire, and chemical resistant.


Epoxy / Polyurethane impermeability to liquids makes it impossible for mold and bacteria to grow in the porous concrete below the epoxy coating. Additionally, some epoxy coatings have additives that make it unreceptive to bacterial growth that are common to veterinary clinics and hospitals.

Withstand Heat

It has also been proven very good when it comes to underfloor heating, as such, floor coatings have the tendency to manage the temperature of the floor well, which makes walking easy and comfortable during the winter and the summer season.

Our Process Stages


A diamond grinder and rough up the surface, as a smooth floor will not allow the epoxy to adhere well.

Charan Techno Chem

Scratch Coat

Surface has been freshly troweled smooth, providing access to the pores at the surface.

Charan Techno Chem

Top Coat

For protection to the color coat, adding an epoxy top coat can protect these chips from peeling off

Charan Techno Chem

Final Finish

The finish coating extends the life of the epoxy moisture barrier, which in turn provides a stable base.

Charan Techno Chem

Recent Projects

Flooring for all commercial and residential buildings - Take a look at some of our recent projects and get inspired.


Charan Techno Chem Serves various industries in Coating

Automobile Industry

Polyurethane / Epoxy flooring systems have scratch, impact and chemical resistance that meets the needs of demanding environments of motor vehicle production and assembly lines.

Pharma Industry

As pharmaceuticals are such a sensitive and precise science, great care must be taken to ensure that every aspect of the facilities involved, at every step in the process, is designed to protect cleanliness and avoid the risk of contamination.

Electronics and IT Industry

Work environments for the electronic industry are designed to deliver the ultimate in static control. Combined with anti-slip and chemical resistance and antistatic flooring systems.

Engineering Industry

Our flooring solutions extend to a wide range of industrial manufacturing areas including Heavy and Light Duty Manufacturing, Food Processing, Beverage Processing, ESD, Warehouse and Distribution.

Shopping Malls

The unique flooring needs of shopping malls and retail outlets. Shopping malls and retail outlets need to attract customers and provide a welcoming and safe environment.

Car Parking Flooring

Vehicles can leak and drip all kinds of different oils and fluids. Besides leaving unsightly stains, an oil spill can corrode and destroy a concrete floor. During bad weather, cars may carry salt and sand into a garage.

Hospital and Health Care

The health and safety of patients is the first priority for the healthcare industry. To obtain the highest level of standards in cleanliness & safety, epoxy / polyurethane flooring is perfect.

Stadium & Arenas

Most stadium floor covers consist of high-quality epoxy embedded with decorative enhancements. Builders choose epoxy / polyurethane because it provides a durable coating that's both safe for guests and aesthetically pleasing

Paper and Packaging

We Do Self Levelling Epoxy Flooring, Anti Skid Flooring, PU Wall Coating, Yellow Line Marking.






Read our interesting Blogs of Coatings and make your choice for Best Coating Service Company.

Polyurethane better than Epoxy

Polyurethane coatings are durable coatings that can be used for a variety of purposes from strong adhesives to durable paint and coatings for floors and metals. Polyurethane coatings are created through the generation of a chemical reaction using an epoxide resin and a polymine hardener. When these two chemicals are combined, a process called “curing” results. This process can take anywhere from several minutes to several hours and turns the liquid Polyurethane coating in to an extremely strong and durable solid.

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What do Polyurethane cost?

Whilst a polyurethane system will initially cost more compared to an epoxy, it is far more cost effective in the long term. In fact, the lifespan of the PU system is roughly double that of the epoxy, clocking an impressive ten-year’s compared to the epoxy’s five. PU systems also benefit from their increased wear, abrasion and impact resistance properties.

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Polyurethanes are tolerant to heat

Polyurethanes provide superior heat, cold and thermal shock tolerance. Epoxies on the other hand are naturally more rigid and are able to move with a concrete substrate when exposed to heat fluctuations. To exemplify this, a standard two-pack, 100% solids epoxy coating, has a heat resistance of up to 65 °C, whereas some PU systems can tolerate 120°C.

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