Car Park Flooring

Charan Techno Chem

No matter what kind of deck you have, there are always coatings and finishes that you can add to enhance the protection and aesthetics of your deck. Parking deck flooring not only keeps your deck looking new, but they also can add to the life of your deck. While every parking deck needs something different, if you have a parking deck and see a lot of traffic, you may require a strong screed below the topcoat. Similarly, In both commercial & residential buildings, it is an essential part of maintaining any parking deck that sees a lot of traffic. When applied, these coatings add advantages to the surface so that it can withstand even the harsh conditions.

Parking deck flooring is necessary because these surfaces come into contact with many vehicles as well being impacted by harsh environments like braking cars on the exit ramp, mud and slush on the car-tyres, carbonation and the penetration of oil, gasoline, grease etc.

Polydeck uses state-of-the-art technology to provide superior and effective waterproofing and surface protection by which damage to the car park can be prevented. It is hard wearing and durable and can withstand extreme temperature fluctuation. It can withstand heavy traffic and is resistant to the damages brought on by fuel and chemical spillage.

Important considerations for Water Resistance Polydeck Sf Polyurethane Coating is

  • Load bearing capacity: The floor topping shall be capable of withstanding both the static and dynamic loads of passing vehicles as well as braking cars.
  • Slip resistance: The floor topping shall provide the necessary friction with anti-slip characteristics both in dry as well as wet conditions. The possibility of car-tyres carrying mud and slush and causing abrasion and slip shall be considered
  • Oil and gasoline resistance: The floor topping shall be resistant to the penetration of oil, gasoline, grease etc which are likely to fall off the parked vehicles.
  • Aesthetics: The floor topping shall be of pleasing colours to provide a face-lift to the entire parking area. Additionally, it shall have all the line-markings for easy identification and navigation
  • Easy cleanability: The floor topping shall be easily cleanable and maintainable. Capability to withstand turning torque & shear stress. Especially in ramps and drive-ways, the coating shall be flexible enough to take care of these stresses.
  • Capability to resist carbonation & chloride attack: Especially in cramped drive-ways, cars produce carbon-dioxide that could corrode reinforcement in due course of time. Deck coatings prevent this from happening.