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Work environments for the electronic industry are designed to deliver the ultimate in static control. Combined with anti-slip and chemical resistance, dissipative, conductive and antistatic flooring systems meet all of the specialized needs of today’s electronics facilities. Charan Techno Chem is familiar with the particular requirements of the electronics and electrical industries, having a range of anti-static epoxy flooring systems designed for circumstances where there is some risk of static build-up and discharge. Charan Techno Chem can provide epoxy / polyurethane flooring products that conform to the more stringent Static Dissipative Flooring Standards

Advantages are:

  • Clean Rooms -hygienic floor coatings protect sensitive electronic components
  • Assembly Areas -high gloss, joint-free and self-smoothing floor coatings minimize debris accumulation for dust-free environments that are easy to clean and de-contaminate, strong and durable underfoot
  • Warehousing -industrial warehouse coatings keep floors durable to foot and wheeled traffic

When you work with Charan Techno Chem, you can expect an unprecedented level of service in troubleshooting, planning and installing the right flooring system for your facility. With over 20 years of experience, we have the proven knowledge and expertise to recommend a full line of flooring options, including limitless choices in colors, textures, styles and applications.


Charan Techno Chem assures the best quality which includes,


Design options are virtually unlimited. Choose from a fully customizable, unlimited color spectrum. Design can incorporate metallics, color schemes, high gloss shine, brand logo and more to achieve an impressively gorgeous floor.


Slip-resistant additives and coatings limit hazards and reduce slipping, collisions and falls in areas with high exposure to liquids, spills, and fluids on the flooring.


The seamless surface of epoxy / polyurethene flooring is exceptionally easy to clean. It repels oil, grease, and water. It’s non-porous, seamless surface means that dust, dirt and grime are easy to wipe away daily.


Epoxy / polyurethene flooring supports heavy weight loads. It withstands use from stationary or mobile machinery, humans, and vehicles without chipping, cracking or damage. It is also impact, heat, fire, and chemical resistant.


Epoxy / Polyurethane impermeability to liquids makes it impossible for mold and bacteria to grow in the porous concrete below the epoxy coating. Additionally, some epoxy coatings have additives that make it unreceptive to bacterial growth that are common to veterinary clinics and hospitals.

Withstand Heat

It has also been proven very good when it comes to underfloor heating, as such, floor coatings have the tendency to manage the temperature of the floor well, which makes walking easy and comfortable during the winter and the summer season.

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