Concrete Flooring

All commercial and residential concrete flooring jobs are performed by our experienced professionals. There are rarely any second chances when it comes to laying concrete. Our team have the experience and tools to ensure your concrete floor is laid to the highest flatness tolerance. Our team guarantees our techniques provide exceptional flooring that can last a lifetime

Each concrete flooring task goes through a strict planning process to ensure our client’s demands and requirements are met. The technology we use allows us to lay them to the highest flatness tolerance.

Charan Techno Chem

Process We Follow

1. Assemble and Erect Formwork for Slab:

The formwork shall be designed to withstand construction loads such as fresh concrete pressure and weight of workers and operators and their machines. Moreover, there are various construction aspects that need to be considered during the erection of formworks. For example, it should be positioned correctly, lined and levelled, joints sealed adequately, and prevent protruding of nails into the concrete. Furthermore, different materials such as wood, steel, and aluminum can be used for the formworks of concrete floor slab.

2. Preparation and Installation of Reinforcement for Slab:

Prior to the placement of reinforcement for concrete floor slab construction. Our Staffs inspect and check forms to confirm that the dimensions and the location of the concrete members conform to the structural plans. Added to that, the forms shall be properly cleaned and oiled but not in such amount as to run onto bars or concrete construction joints. After preparation is completed, steel bars are placed into their positions with the provision of specified spacings and concrete cover. The concrete cover and spacing for floor slabs can be maintained by introducing spacers and bars supporters. Wires are used to tie main reinforcement and shrinkage and temperature reinforcement. Finally, after all requirements of reinforcement placements are finalized, then our site engineer will order concreting.

3. Pour, Compact and Finishing Concrete Floor Slab:

Mixing, transporting, and handling of concrete shall be properly coordinated with placing and finishing works. Concrete will be deposited at, or as close as possible to, its final position in order to prevent segregation. So, Concrete placement in large and separate piles, then moving them horizontally into final position shall be prevented. Furthermore, fresh concrete should be compacted adequately in order to mold it within the forms and around embedded items and reinforcement and to eliminate stone pockets, honeycomb, and entrapped air. Vibration, either internal or external, is the most widely used method for consolidating concrete. Lastly, slabs could be finished in many ways based on floor application.

4. Curing Concrete and Remove Formwork:

After finishing ended, suitable technique shall be used to cure the concrete adequately. Slab curing methods such as water cure; concrete is flooded; ponded; or mist sprayed. In addition to water retaining method in which coverings such as sand; canvas; burlap; or straw used to kept slab surface wet continuously, chemical Membranes,and waterproof paper or plastic film seal. Regarding curing, it is recommended to remove formworks after 14 days

Types of Concrete Finishes

Charan Techno Chem offer a variety of concrete finishes such as tamped, brush and dust topping to power floated floors. The team have over 2 ddecades of experience perfecting their craftsmanship and skills within the concrete industry.

Brush Finish Concrete:

A brushed concrete finish is created by dragging a brush over the surface of a new concrete floor once it has been levelled to create a textured appearance. The texture of the brush finish will depend on the size and rigidity of the brush bristles used and the shape and length of the tufts.

Tamped Concrete Finish:

A tamped concrete finish is achieved by using a tamping beam, which is used to compact the concrete before it fully cures to enhance its strength. The tamped finish is created by moving the tamping beam up and down in quick succession along the surface of the concrete floor in the same direction. This results in a rough surface of horizontal grooves which greatly improve grip.

Power Floated Concrete:

Power floated concrete is a type of concrete finish achieved by using a machine known as a power float on freshly set concrete. The power float machine is used to smooth, recompact and level the concrete floor once all bleed water has evaporated and uses rotating circular blades to buff the surface, resulting in highly polished concrete flooring.

Laser Screed Concrete Flooring:

We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure your concrete floors are finished to perfection, and our laser screed machines are the best in the industry. Laser screed machines have revolutionised the concrete finishing industry, helping to ensure a level finish for concrete flooring to a high tolerance.