Concrete Floor Sealant Fillings

Charan Techno Chem

Sealers and fillers for concrete joints are not the same thing and have very different purposes. Filling Sealants service is offered by us to match up with the rising demands of various industries. These finds its application in various areas like baseboard, crack filling of internal/ external walls, moulding, window and door frames, sliding and trim, pipes, other gaps and opening, vents and corner joints. Our range of services is beneficial for providing variety of advantages like excellent weathering, excellent adhesion on plaster, brick, painted surface, metal, resistance to heat and moisture and prevents air and moisture from passing through the cracks and joints.

Specification :

  •  Crack filling of internal/ external walls
  •  Window and door frames
  •  Corner joints
  •  Baseboard
  •  Pipes
  •  Moulding