Heavy Duty Screed Flooring

Heavy Duty Screed Flooring

Polyurethane’s heavy duty screed flooring offer the highest level of durability available to date. They are generally laid between 6 and 9mm but exceptionally up to 12mm; having a life span of 15 or more years in the toughest of environments.

Polyurethane resin screed is suitable for most industries due to its hard wearing characteristics and durability but is particularly suited for high traffic industrial environments. A tremendously versatile type of material, polyurethane resin floors can be used almost anywhere, from engineering workshops to facilities where food grade cleanliness is required.

Polyurethane resin screed flooring can be installed with very little disruption. They can also be used to install drains, slopes and falls, which is an important element to consider within this industry. They can incorporate heavy non-slip as well as chemical resistance to products such as food acids, lactic acids etc.

Polyurethane screeds give the highest level of durability to date, This means they are the most hard wearing, robust screeds on the market. As they have fairly low levels of viscosity compared with epoxy screeds, they can be applied simply by hand trowel if necessary, which produces a heavy duty matt anti skid surface. This is proof against almost everything, including steel wheeled traffic and substantial impact and abrasion.

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