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What are the benefits of Epoxy / Polyurethane Flooring?

What Assurance in Protection of Car Garage?
This durable Charan Techno Chem floor system is applied as a liquid and bonds with your concrete floor. Once cured, it stops concrete dusting for good and protects your garage concrete from stains and damage. Our high-grade products are formulated to withstand all types of hazards like hot tire pick up, gasoline, oil, impact, moisture, and more. With a floor system we provide, you can enjoy a brighter garage that’s easy to keep clean thanks to a seamless and reflective floor. This is a great investment in your home that can even boost its resale value.
How long can a professionally installed epoxy flooring system last?
Are Epoxy / Polyurethane floors slippery?
Why is Polyurethene flooring better than traditional concrete flooring?

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How do I place an order?

Welcome to Charan Techno Chem
You can call our customer care tel number 7598808679 and we will deput our engineers to inspect the place and will give you the necessary advice and feedback to take it further
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How soon can you install
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