Epoxy Coving Service

Charan Techno Chem

We also hold expertise in offering our customers competent Coving Services. We provide Pencil, 2" X 2" and 3" X 3" coving systems to our customers.

Epoxy is safe for a variety of industries. This floor coating is stain-resistant, chemical-resistant, durable and provides luster and even beauty to many industrial settings

Epoxy Coving (75mm, 50mm, 25mm, Vertical 50 mm) : Wall to floor, Wall to Wall, Ceiling coving, pencil coving the joints of floor and the wall the area are prone to accumulation of dust and water, this leads to growth of microbial organisms and bacteria and also cleaning is a problem. Hence in these areas we recommend solvent free epoxy coving as a clean room practice.

Epoxy Coving offered comprise cove base moldings and come pre-formed with dovetail interlocking bond channels. Coming specifically designed with floor and wall coatings industry. Water design for protecting dry wall, CMU and other porous surfaces against moisture.

Advantages of Coving is :

  • Prevents water from going under the walls
  • In chemical containment applications contains the chemicals to the coved area
  • Makes it easy to clean and disinfect the edges of the floor
  • Does not allow bacteria or insects to hide under the wall
  • Gives the floor an attractive professional seamless look