Concrete Groove Cutting

Charan Techno Chem

Concrete is among the most commonly used building materials. One of the only downsides of this material is its permanent nature; once concrete has had time to dry and cure, it can prove difficult to effectively alter without destroying the finished product. Cutting set concrete is a common procedure for adding anything from aesthetic joints to drains and electric chases. Although this may seem like an intimidating task, it can be successfully completed by just about anyone with the proper tools and instructions.

Groove Cutting is ideally used for cutting the hard concrete for expansion joints, asphalt pavement cut, pot whole repair cut

Cutting hardened concrete is usually done to incorporate aesthetic joints or electric chases. Given the hardness of set concrete, this may seem like a job for construction professionals only. But you can actually do this yourself with the help of the right construction tools and equipment, namely the circular concrete saw.