Concrete Floor Repairing

Charan Techno Chem

Despite being perceived as strong and durable, concrete is actually very susceptible to outside influences. Other than physical strains such as subsidence, root damage or impact damage, Crack repairs are often the quickest and cheapest option for many businesses who want to retain the lifespan of their structures.

We are specialist concrete repair contractors solving problems for companies up and down the country in all market sectors.

Alongside the repair works that we offer, we also are specialists in the installation of cathodic protection systems, waterproofing with our injection systems, ground stabilisation, concrete condition surveys, resin injection and leak sealing. All of these services can play a part when servicing the life of your structure.

  •  We offer cost effective long lasting solutions to all varieties of concrete repair that are needed.
  •  We apply waterproofing to all of our applications where needed, ensuring everything is leak tight